Has Clay Aiken Always Been Out?

By: Jackson Lourd

Does someone have a selective memory? Pop singer Clay Aiken says he was never really in the closet.

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“There was this misconception that I was not out," Aiken tells The Georgia Voice

While promoting his Tried and True tour, Aiken, who officially admitted he was gay in People magazine in 2008, was asked about the obligation of gay performers to come out. “I was in Spamalot and everyone knew, but I don’t necessarily want to sit at a table with strangers and tell them,” he said. “When you come out, you do it with people you are comfortable with.”

The American Idol also-ran says that although his coming-out may not have surprised many people, it had no adverse effect on his career.

“I definitely do see the liberation and understand the rationalization of people wanting me to be out,” Aiken says. “On the other hand, I wouldn’t say that coming out has made me happier because that implies I was not happy before and I was.”