Britney Spears Talks to OUT, Y'all


OUT's April cover girl, Britney Spears, talks about her new album, Femme Fatale, her music, and answers everything, in this just released e-mail interview. In it, Brit says that while she may "only have eyes for men," everyone should have the right to marry: "I think everyone should be treated equally."

In honor of OUT's first ever 'Ladies We Love' issue, let's get to know one of pop's most resilient and beloved performers a little better, in her own words.

It's Britney, b*tches, up close and personal, talking to OUT editor, Noah Michelson:

How did you spend the first big check you received?
On a bright white Mercedes convertible.

When was the first time you saw a Britney Spears drag queen?
In New Orleans singing "Slave 4 U." I almost died!

When you were starting out, whose career did you want to mold yours after?
Madonna. No question. She is an amazing entertainer. Besides Madonna, I also admire Sarah Jessica Parker’s career and her shoe collection.

Are there any of your songs that you wish you hadn’t recorded/you don’t really love?
No. All of my songs are f–ing amazing.

How is Femme Fatale different from your other albums?
I think Femme Fatale is my most upbeat and mature album yet.

Who are some of the stand out collaborators on Femme Fatale?
I collaborated with Will.I.Am. I am a huge fan of Black Eyed Peas, and I have always wanted to work with him. I also worked with a new up-and-coming artist from the L.A. area named Sabi. She raps on a song I love called "(Drop Dead) Beautiful."

Assuming reincarnation exists, in a previous life I think I was...
Audrey Hepburn, because she was a trend setter.

Assuming reincarnation exists, in my next life I’d life to be...
A bird, so I can fly.

My idea of hell is...
Being on a diet.

My idea of heaven is...
A trip with my kids.

For the full interview with Brit, click over to OUT magazine for their cover story and photos from their exclusive shoot.


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