Disney Princess Sucker Punch Trailer

By: Joe Thompson

We're totally stoked to see this Friday's kiss-ass, chicks with guns movie, Sucker Punch. We're also kind of crazy Disney fans. So it was a great treat to find this new mash-up trailer bringing those two things together.

A person named "forensicator8" on YouTube has taken the Sucker Punch trailer audio and edited a bunch of footage together from Disney animated movies. They're mostly from the Princess films—including Mulan, the forgotten Princess— though you do see clips from Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Atlantis, Pocahontas, Treasure Planet and other great movies. (Yeah, told you we were Disney fans.)

Sometimes these types of trailers totally blow, or have only one fun moment, but this one rocks! Even if you're not a Disney fan, this one is worth watching and will make you think twice before blowing off the Princesses as just kiddie fodder. Enjoy!