Watch: The Best Gaga Parody Videos

By: Brodie

The Internet may have originally been created to share information (… and porn), but I’m pretty sure it’s secondary mission was to promote the parody of major music videos from the Monster Queen.

Lady Gaga fans get creative, crazy, and totally cut loose in these popular YouTube covers, parodies, and/or tributes that see everything from U.S. Army men in Afghanistan busting out choreography in sync, to an all gay vampire version of "Teeth."

Watch the top 6 Gaga parody videos we picked from the web below.

The U.S. Army’s “Telephone” Salute

Little Boy’s “Bad Romance”

Ryan James Yezak's music video for Lady Gaga "Telephone"

Gay Guys Dancing to Gaga

“Teeth” (Gay Vampire Version)

"Born This Way" music video (World Edition)