Oh, Jesus: The Sexiest On-Screen Saviors

By: Colby Scott

When word got out that Jesus would be portrayed as a sexually active being in Martin Scorsese’s 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ (left), a lot of people became, well…very angry. Protests and boycotts ensued even before the movie opened in theaters. However, some moviegoers viewed Temptation as a unique take on one of history's most important figures by one of cinema’s most respected filmmakers.

Shortly after the film was released, the fall of communism, the growing global AIDS crisis and even Vatican outrage over Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour reduced the blaze of controversy surrounding Temptation to a historical footnote.

Still, Scorsese touched on something that most people would rather not say out loud (or even admit to themselves): Jesus is the Brad Pitt of deities. At least that’s how he’s been presented visually for so many centuries.

Once Hollywood brought the Savior to the silver screen, Jesus became the hottest leading man of all. And a lot of sexy actors have walked on water in his shoes. So in honor of Easter, we decided to resurrect photos of some of our favorite movie messiahs.

See the holy hotties that made our list below, and on the following pages.

6a01156e9cba4c970c01538e035766970b-800wi  Cluess Christ: Jeremy Sisto in Jesus (1999)


Henry Ian Cusick
Lost Lord: Henry Ian Cusick in The Visual Bible: Gospel of John (2003)


Brian Deacon
Bear on a Cross: Brian Deacon in Jesus (1979)

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