Smallville: The Complete Series Box Set Hits DVD This Fall

By: Jase Peeples

The final episodes of Smallville haven’t even aired yet, but Warner Home Video has already announced plans for a Fall 2011 release of a complete series DVD box set.

This 62-disk set makes it easy to see why legions of fans kept retuning week after week for another adventure of young Clark Kent, played by the super-sexy Tom Welling.

Running from 2001-2011, Smallville claims the prize as the longest running superhero show of all time.

Smallville_Complete_beauty The new collector’s set will feature all 218 episodes as well as over 28 hours of extras—5 hours of which will be new special features exclusive to this set. Also included will be a special 90-minute series retrospective with new cast and crew interviews, a commemorative issue of the Daily Planet created by DC Comics, and an episode guide filled with production art and behind the scenes photos.

 While fans of the series might be ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound of joy over the news, those who were hoping for an HD release might be disappointed to hear that Smallville – The CompleteSmallville_Complete Series will only be released for DVD format. According to Warner Home Video there are no plans at this time for a Blu-ray format release due to technical issues with earlier seasons. Apparently the special effects for early episodes were created for standard definition and improving those effects for HD would require re-creating those effects from scratch.

Currently, the estimated release date is November 8, 2011. However, this has not been officially announced by the studio and may change.


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