Listen: Activist/Rapper Cazwell's Exclusive Interview

By: Rick Andreoli

Openly gay activist and rapper Cazwell has been turning heads for a long time. He's a staple of New York’s club scene and has been a leading figure in the renaissance of New York City nightlife over the last five years. His mix of electrified dance beats and old-school hip-hop embodies the new spirit of pop, and his work is being heard by larger audiences—both gay and straight—every day.

He's also pretty damn snacky to look at.

In this exclusive audio interview with Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson from OUTTAKE VOICES™, Cazwell talks about his commitment to LGBT civil rights, as well as becoming the host of Boombox, the new original music video series that premieres this June on here! TV and here! Online.

Find out all about the man, his music and his new TV move, then check out Cazwell's video for his single "Get My Money Back."

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