Vin Diesel’s Fast Five Fitness


The buff action hero star of Fast Five graces the cover of Men’s Fitness and tells the mag he fine tunes his muscles for each part he plays.

Diesel is known for his rock hard body, but the Fast and The Furious star isn’t afraid to adapt his build to best suit the character he’s playing. Describing it as an essential, “physical type of method acting.”

When preparing for a part, Vin imagines how the character’s body looks then begins training to tune his bod toward that desired effect. This can mean bulking up like he does for Fast Five, or letting himself go as he did for Find Me Guilty.

“I don’t do a service to myself if I succumb to serious powerlifting. I have to be somewhat mindful of being typecast. I want to be the character and not just look built,” Diesel explains. “When I do a role like Riddick, I don’t want to look boxy. I want to be panther-like; I want to be agile. I have to do yoga or Pilates because I’m trying to get a completely different movement with my body.”

Another resource for playing the big bad roles: His years of work as a bouncer at clubs. “I learned so much in bouncing that I bring to these characters. You have to be able to read people,” he says (story via here). “Speak with a New York City cop, and they talk about having to read people. Bouncing is like that but without the badge and the law. You’re a gunslinger for hire, basically. And you learn a lot in that field of work,” Vin adds.

Diesel covers Men’s Fitness June issue and Fast Five is in theaters now. Read our review here.