WATCH: Matt Zarley's "WTF" video

By: Joe Thompson

Matt Zarley is this hunky gay dude whose career began at age 12 while dancing with Tony The Tiger in a Kellogg’s "Frosted Flakes" commercial. He's since gone on to do Broadway, TV, and been a singer-songwriter for years. Normally he does pretty serious music and has gotten a lot of mainstream attention, but now he's mixing it up a bit.

His latest song is called "WTF," and on the surface it seems like a standard gay dance tune about a cheating spouse. 

Oh! But! No!

When paired with the video below, you have an amazeballs masterpiece of shirtless hugging, underwear sporting, pool-time partying gays who smile nonstop as they squirt stuff on each other's backs and get into crazy pillow-fights that will make every campastic pore in your body scream. It even features Rick D'Agostino (at the top), who taught you all how to have White Party abs on a couple weeks back. He's in his undies a lot, so you know it's a good video.

Check it out and if it makes you smile you should buy the song. I mean, WTF, right? We gotta support our gay brothers, right?

WTF from Matt Zarley on Vimeo.

Visit Matt Zarley's website.