Gay Superhero Couple to Share Skies with Superman

By: Jase Peeples

DC Comics has been working hard to create a more diverse cast of characters for their line of monthly comics. From the inclusion of more minority characters in high profile books to the announcement that a lesbian Batwoman would be the star of her own ongoing comic, DC is changing the face of comics in positive ways.

A few weeks ago, DC announced that they would be revamping their line of comics in September—effectively ending their current universe and rebooting with 52 new #1 issues. Many fans have seen this as a bold move, but with the announcement of the new comic, Stormwatch #1—starring an out gay superhero couple, it appears that DC has gotten even bolder in the attempt to create a more diverse universe.

Apollo-Midnighter1 The characters Apollo and Midnighter are well known to many comic book fans as one of the earliest “out” gay couples in comics. However, their adventures took place in a separate universe under the DC imprint Wildstorm comics. The two characters rose to popularity in the book The Authority and for a short time Midnighter was even given his own comic under the Wildstorm brand. In the time since Apollo and Midnighter were introduced, several LGBT themes have been explored in a candid manner. From intimate scenes to the couple’s wedding, the relationship between these characters was always handled in the same manner that any straight relationship would be and avoided the “very special episode” trap that has plagued so many other gay characters in comics.

With the recent announcement of all-new first issues for the company’s entire line of comics, DC has also announced that Apollo and Midnighter will no longer be characters in a separate universe under a separate brand. Instead, the couple will be joining the ranks of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman by being included in the DC Comics primary universe. This is welcome news to LGBT fans who’ve often felt underrepresented in comics.

Stormwatch #1 is the second book launching in September—after the highly publicized Batwoman—to feature gay characters.