1313: Giant Killer Bees is a Sexy Scream

By: Brodie

New Sexy Creature Feature from filmmaker David DeCoteau, http://www.tlavideo.com/gay-1313-giant-killer-bees/p-322786-2 Watch the Trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l9wy9G08R4 Rapid Heart Pictures website: http://www.rapidheart.com <http://www.rapidheart.com/> " target="_blank">1313: GIANT KILLER BEES, now available on VOD for the perfect movie night in with a cuddle buddy or even solo time.

A world torn with death and chaos. Experiments with honey bees. A global biological disaster. Watch in terror as a horde of giant killer bees preys upon an unsuspecting super-hot cast: Derek North, Jillian Nelson, Adam Phebus, Darren Thomas, Alberto Frezza and more delectable young stars.

Professor Bensington laments his role in the end of the world and reveals to us what caused the horror. His research assistant, a young college student named Redwood, travels to San Marino to oversee Bensington's honey bee experiments. While following the professor's orders, Redwood inadvertently unleashes a global biological disaster in the form of giant, zombie, killer bees...

Shot on location in Puerto Rico, this is the 2nd film in the brand new 1313 series of horror films, with more future installments to be announced. The DVD is due out on August 1st and available for pre-order via tlavideo.com

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