True Blood Hunks Share Anna Paquin

By: Michael Matson

Oh to be Sookie Stackhouse, the minxish character played by Oscar-winner Anna Paquin on HBO’s supernatural hit True Blood. Sure, Sookie gets herself involved in more dangerous games than anyone would wish on their worst enemy, but the payoff for all the perilous situations is the libidinous attention of three very sexy beasts. The Louisiana waitress has dated vampire Bill (husband Stephen Moyer), come close to doing the hibity-dibity with vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and gives a feeling inside that’s a little bit funny to werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello).

This week, Entertainment Weekly pays tribute to Sookie’s sexy dilemma by pairing her on a separate cover with each of the three characters desperately seeking Stackhouse. Our favorite is the one featuring Paquin with Manganiello  (left) that, unlike the living dead vampire covers, showcases the most live flesh.

Go below to see the other two covers.