Ultimate Lady Gaga Megamix

By: Joe Thompson

Over the weekend we were visiting music super site Pop Justice and stumbled across the most amazing Lady Gaga megamix we've ever heard in our lives.

DJ Jordan Howe (That's his pic below on the right—cute much?) has created a 23-minute mix that incorporates a ton of Mother Monster's hottest hits. Yes, that sounds like a long mix when you think about it, but Howe has created a non-stop party that even minor Gaga fans can't help but move about to. It's true. We played it this weekend at a San Francisco Pride house party and everyone was dancing in the living room.

We think you'll love it, too.

Besides, if you're nursing a Monday morning post-Pride hangover at work, then why not spend it rocking out on your headphones so that you look busy and no one will interrupt you?


Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Jordan Howe Megamix) by Jordan Howe (jdhmixes)