Cher Records Gaga Song. Will a Duet Follow?

By: Michael Matson

In a tweet posted Wednesday, Cher revealed that she has covered the unreleased Gaga-penned track “The Greatest Thing” for her upcoming album. Though there isn’t any word that the two divas will combine their chart-topping voices by recording a duet, Cher did put that possibility on the table by tweeting, “Who knows? One can wish! I would love to duet with Gaga, but she gave me a great song and I am beyond grateful.”

While we’re not holding our breath for the duet’s actualization, it’s certainly is a lot of fun to think about. Plus, we believe a collaboration by two of history’s biggest gay icons might mess with the space-time continuum or result in the creation of a planet full of unicorns, which would look something like this: