Gaymer Alert: New Batman-Arkham City Trailer Debuts

By: Jase Peeples

With Comic-Con International right around the corner, news on the upcoming Batman: Arkham City keeps coming down the pipeline.

Last week we were clued in on the details behind Robin’s role in the video game sequel and after the news that the Boy Wonder and Catwoman would both be playable characters, we can’t help but think Arkham City will be the Batman game with the most gaymer appeal to date.

Riddler The new trailer, released today, spotlight’s the Riddler.

Gaymers who enjoyed Mr. E. Nigma’s challenges in the original Batman: Arkham Asylem will be happy to know that the Criminal of Clues will play an even deadlier role in this adventure.

Check out the trailer below.

<a href='{from}&vid=6da03199-c27e-4960-825a-f321d66a0be2' target='_new' title='Batman: Arkham City Riddler trailer'>Video: Batman: Arkham City Riddler trailer</a>