Simon Curtis: Indie Music Superstar

By: Jase Peeples

At first glace, Simon Curtis appeared to be nothing more than a fresh-face on the cover of another manufactured pop album. I had no reason to imagine I’d hear anything different than the sugary sound I’ve come to expect from the parade of young pop stars currently marching through my iTunes Genius Recommendations. Certain I’d find at least one new song for a fun pop mix I clicked on the link and was completely blown away by the sophisticated sound of Simon Curtis’ sophomore album RA.

Simon_curtis_ra Driving beats, edgy lyrics, and a heavy electronic sound place Curtis closer to the likes of Bjork or Robyn than that of Justin Bieber. After gleefully devouring the album, I was curious to learn more about the singer. As I began my research I was surprised to discover that the artist—who refers to himself as the Boy Robot—is only 25 years old. Even more astonishing was the fact that he’d actually turned down an offer from a major record label in order to make the kind of music he wanted—a gutsy move for a young man who found fame playing Royce Du Lac on Nickelodeon’s Musical TV movie Spectacular. However, this Oklahoma native’s boldness matches the tone of his music and every song on RA is the sound of an artist absolutely in love with what he’s doing.

Simoncurtis11 The 25-year-old—who is still unsigned to a record label—is also blazing a trail in another way. Unlike most young pop stars who seem to steer clear of sexual ambiguity, Curtis appears to revel being in the space between. If he isn’t gay, he certainly knows how to court a gay audience. Not only are his dance-beat-infused tracks the kind of ear-candy that fuels our gym workouts and car rides, his image and style are sure to set off more than a few gaydars as well. Couple that with lines like, “Hold my arms above my head and push my face into the bed ‘cause I’m a screamer baby, make me a mute,” from the ridiculously sexy track, "Flesh", and it isn’t hard to imagine Curtis batting on an all boys team.

Regardless of which side of the bed the singer sleeps on, he’s one seriously talented artist who’s making genuinely great music—a rarity in today’s market. RA stands as a work of art rather than another by-the-book attempt at clocking in on the music charts. If this is the kind of music we can expect to hear from Curtis as an independent, then I hope the young singer never gets signed. Being free from the restrictions a record label would have undoubtedly placed on him has allowed Simon Curtis to find his unique voice and sound. To top it off, he’s a complete package that seems to be custom made for the gays. What could be better?

Give the song below a listen and see if you agree.