Smurfs are so Gay

By: Jase Peeples

Could the Smurfs be the gayest movie of the year? Writer Jordan Hoffman thinks so.

In a post for UGO, the bloger says the latest Hollywood retro ‘80s remake is “the gayest movie since The Birdcage” and he may be right.

Smurf2 Not only is openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris the film’s lead, he’s coupled with Jayma Mays, the one and only Emma Pillsbury from Glee—also known as the gayest show on television.

A quick glace at the cast list reveals even more smurfy gayness to be had with rising gay icon Katy Perry, Cabaret star Alan Cumming, and Paul Ruebens providing voices for our favorite little blue buddies.

Even Joan Rivers, Michael Musto, and Liz Smith appear in a scene that takes place at a fashion party—and just in case having a fashion party scene wasn’t gay enough, Tim Gunn is cast as the assistant to a cosmetics executive.

Even beyond the casting choices, Hoffman points out a bevy of other tidbits, including a Brokeback Mountain reference by Hank Azaria, that make this film appear to be tailored to fit a gay and gay-friendly audience.

However, Smurfs director Raja Gosnell was reluctant to agree with Hoffman’s theory.

Here’s what he said:

Smurf3 “That absolutely is not something we tried to do. We cast Neil Patrick Harris because he’s an amazingly gifted actor. There’s not a lot of actors that can act opposite a Smurf and make it absolutely believable and absolutely charming. That is the sole reason we cast him. There was no effort to sneakily attract the gay crowd. We strictly cast on ability and talent. Tim Gunn exists because the movie takes place in a fashion world and who better to be the face of that world than Tim Gunn? He’s fantastic on his show, everyone knows him, everyone loves him, he’s a complete gentleman in real life and, by the way, he’s a good actor and hysterically funny!”

Regardless of the director's statements, with gym bunny Hefty Smurf and sassy Vanity Smurf in their ranks, it’s safe to say there’s at least one gay bar in Smurf Village.