Guys from Glee Do the Village People

By: Jackson Lourd

We love a man in uniform, but six TV heartthrobs is even better. A half dozen male cast members from Glee donned their butchest apparel to salute the gayest band of all time: The Village People.

Actor Cory Monteith tweeted the photo, with the message "The glee bros and I wanted to keep up our chops up over the hiatus so we formed a tribute band."

Monteith dons feathers and face paint as the Indian, Chris Colfer does his best army guy, Darren Criss is the biker/leather man, Harry Shum Jr. is the cowboy, and Mark Salling is the sexy cop. Hollywood Reporter thinks Kevin McHale is lurking behind those mirrored shades as the construction worker. We can't wait to hear their rendition of "Macho Man."