"Book of Mormon" Movie Under Way

By: Christopher Donaldson

“Salvation has a name, Salt Lake-y City,” and it desperately needs a dose of heavy silver-screen splashing.

The Book of Mormon—that bawdy, sexually explicit, Tony Award-winning musical everyone wants to see or already has—will make its big screen debut after it pushes its way, stage by stage, across the country (reports Entertainment Weekly).

“Hopefully it will have a big run and a big tour and then we can do the movie in several years,” said co-creator Trey Parker.

The musical—penned by Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) and produced by Hollywood powerhouse Scott Rudin (The Social Network)—pits two reverent, naieve and young Mormon missionaries against the insufferable real world where AIDS, poverty and famine threatens a small village in northern Uganda. Of course hilarity ensues in images worth talking about: A spinning Angel Moroni, a brutal warlord, a closeted Mormon elder (played by out actor Rory O'Malley) and Jesus Christ especially suited to dance and song.

“The great thing is, a lot of Broadway teams would have to go team up with a Hollywood producer and bring on a Hollywood director,” said Stone, “But Trey’s a director and Scott’s a great producer. We’ve all made movies. So it’s kind of cool, it can stay in the same family.”

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