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By: Rick Andreoli

Dear Gay People (and Friends),

The cocktail party has just gone virtual.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Rick Andreoli the Editor in Chief of I'm also a part-time aerial coach and performer (hence the photo that makes me look like I'm having a stroke...), but during the day I spend a ton of time checking out websites. Basically, I get paid to weed through the crap and find stories that LGBT readers and their friends—that would be you people reading this— will love. I look at life as an ongoing cocktail party (which may or may not be an indication that I'm an alcoholic) but it does mean that I usually find stuff that's fun, frisky, thought-provoking and pretty amazeballs. Stuff you won't see anywhere else.

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•Curated stories you need to know now, from top sites like The Advocate, Towleroad, OUT, Huffington Post, Joe. My. God. and more
•Celeb sightings, Hollywood circus life, and other odd happenings in Los Angeles
•A look behind the curtain at
•Random coolness you won't find anywhere else

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