Ted Haggard And Gary Busey To Appear On "Celebrity Wife Swap"

By: Christopher Donaldson

Gay-sexing evangelical pastor, Ted Haggard, will swap wives with the most important actor of our time, Gary Busey, in the ABC reality series Celebrity Wife Swap as long as humanity doesn’t hurl itself to the darkest, loneliest corner of the universe first, confirmed The Advocate.

“The premise is simple: Haggard and Busey will swap partners for a short time. The first couple of days, the men make the rules for their new “spouses.” After that, the women take charge. The fun could come from the conflict between Haggard and Sampson, who's reportedly a spiritual woman but not a fan of organized religion,” reports the Colorado Springs Gazette.

This all sounds so Anne Hecheian, brittle and unrewarding, like an unnecessarily loud sexual innuendo made inside of a JC Penny fitting room.

I suspect there is only one reason for this foolery, and it smells like meth breath and old message oil. What’s next, Celebrity Wife Swap? Larry Craig swapping wives with Danny Bonaduce? "Get a ruler and measure it for me" Mark Foley swapping wives with Billy Baldwin? John Travolta swapping wives with the dancing baby from Ally McBeal?

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