Shirley MacLaine Knows Where Gay Genes Really Come From

By: Christopher Donaldson

Forget a realistic, tangible approach to acceptance and understanding of identity politics because Shirley MacLaine has a hypothetical but, err, not implausible explanation of where homosexuality really comes from (Hint: It’s not Satan or Aliens).

In her most recent book, I’m Over All That—And Other Confessions, she writes:

"One of the explanations for homosexuality and transgenderism could, I believe, be a profound identification with a recent incarnation as a member of the opposite sex.

"I believe each one of us has had both male and female lifetimes.

"As we make our soul's journey through time, I think resistance to reincarnational understanding is because we feel threatened by our sexual identity.

"We just don't like to contemplate seriously that we might have been a member of the opposite sex in a previous incarnation.

"Questions of sex and the spiritual understanding of the soul are intertwined." (Via The Village Voice)

Whoa, Shirley MacLaine, my soul just exploded and I’m feeling transcendental. Is it possible to have lived inside this creature's skin once upone a time?  I ask, only because a certain amethyst brooch and boy named Gilbert Blythe have started to turn up in my dreams, which look like this: