The Touring Phallus Chandelier: Let There Be Light

By: Christopher Donaldson

Steve Jarvis, owner of Swallow&Bone, has a daughter and together they make erotic lampshades that “radiate an atmospheric light.”

They also make the Priapus, a chandelier delicately fitted with six hand-sculpted penises cast in translucent resin—a salacious silhouette for any social occasion (Christmas!).

Handmade in rural Cornwall, England, the fixture stands six feet tall and 59 inches wide. Leather straps and rows of chains link the top and bottom tiers illuminated by 48 individual LEDs with a projected lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Jarvis says he draws inspiration from the fetish and bondage industries, made manifest in the chandelier's details: Chrome studs, hand-stitched leather and hovering dicks.

Priced at about $24,000, the limited edition run of 25 chandeliers will tour The Netherlands and The UK this December, first at the Sexy Art Gallery in Amsterdam. (via Pink News)

Check out the NSFW pictures below and learn more about Swallow&Bone here.