Watch: "This is Our Year," Two British Boys in Love

By: Christopher Donaldson

We all know the story: Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy. Boy condenses an entire year’s worth of kissing and cuddling into a four minute online video that goes viral worldwide.

And at first, the video “this is our year” looks like any other online ode to relationships and ordinary life, except for the fact that two really adorable British boys can't stop making out and holding each other close. And that seems particularly apropos for this holiday season, or what my grandmother likes to call “that time of year when every gosh-darn fairy fusspot in Salt Lake City walks all over Temple Square, looking at those stupid Christmas lights.”

In any case, here’s what Joe M.--the man behind the video--had to say (via Vimeo): “Will and I have been together for coming up to two years [sic]. Last year for Christmas I bought him a diary and wrote memorable dates in it, like the date of our first date, ect. . . This year, I wanted to make a video. . . I uploaded it to Vimeo a few days ago, but it was never my intention for it to go public."

Happy Holidays, y'all. Video below (via Gawker).

this is our year. from Joe M on Vimeo.