Watch: The Gay Rights Movement In Less Than 7 Minutes

By: Christopher Donaldson

In the last few decades, the gay rights movement has pushed our uncertainties into the mainstream with such formative matters as the Stonewall riots, DADT, proposition 8 and the murders of Harvey Milk and Matthew Shepard, among many others.

And it’s been an entirely risky trip that stretches all the way back to 1924, the year the Society for Human Rights in Chicago emerged as the earliest documented gay rights organization in the United States.

Here, anxious to paint a fundamentally human face on our community’s most monumental climbs out of the closet—no matter how bitter— activist Ryan James Yezak offers an abbreviated, though not entirely inclusive video timeline of the gay rights movement in less than seven minutes. In short, it’s just enough to see what the movement has dissolved into exactly.

Watch the video below (via BuzzFeed). You can support the documentary on KickStarter.