10 Things to Get Excited About in January

By: Stacy Lambe

January is arguably the best time of the year for entertainment events. We've got a ton of award shows to critique, season premieres out the wazoo to record, and new music and movies to look forward to. Here are 10 big things we're eyeing this month.


1. Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey

God love Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess of Grantham who throws more shade than a library full of drag queens. While she may have softened a bit in season 3 (dead characters will do that to ya), we know she’ll be back with plenty of quips and sass she has in season 4 of Downton Abbey. (PBS)


2. The Inevitable Backlash Over Chozen

It's bound to happen. Most everyone will all find a reason to be offended by Chozen, a drug-using, sex-having, openly gay white rapper fresh out of prison. But it's terribly funny and should be watched before making a snap judgment. (Jan. 13, FX)


3. Name That Extra on Looking

We can't say enough good things about HBO's Looking. However, each week there seems to be a new character that can only be described as "Man in Woods" or "Male Stripper." And part of the fun is guessing who is playing what before the end of the episode. (Jan. 19, HBO)


4. The Golden Girls Musical

Starting Jan. 8, Thank You For Being A Friend returns for a limited 6-week run. Our favorite blue-haired ladies take on Ricky Martin in a battle of the neighbors. It’s like Battle of the Roses with singing, dancing and lots of gay sex jokes. (Jan. 8 – Feb. 12, The Laurie Beechman Theater)


5. Zac Efron's R-Rated Side

Between That Awkward Moment and Neighbors (with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne), Zac Efron is about to have one adult year. It promises to be full of dildos, gratuitous ass shots and sex scenes -- not that we're complaining. (TAM: Jan. 31, Neighbors: May 9)