10 Things to Get Excited About in February

By: Stacy Lambe

1. Robin Wright on House of Cards

"You don't want to make an enemy out of me," Robin Wright's character sneers in the new trailer for the House of Cards. The line alone was enough to scare us straight. But if there's one frenemy we want in our back pocket, it's her version of Lady MacBeth who returns to Netflix on Feb. 14.


2. The Return of Vikings

Vikings may have felt like History's answer to HBO's Game of Thrones but the show delivered plenty of intrigue of its own. Season 2 (premiering Feb. 27) promises to up the ante as loyalties shift, friends become foes and relationships become tested. Man, do we love a good Norse drama.


3. Bear Hunting in Sochi

While there's still much to debate about the politics surrounding the Games, the competition kicks off on Feb. 7. Unlike the Summer Games, the athletes come in much different shapes and sizes. From bob sledding (hello Canada) to skiing, there are plenty of beards, bears and brawn to feast upon. Rawr!


4. Kit Harington's Abs in Pompeii

Natural disaster flick + period piece x Game of Thrones = This volcano thriller about the death of the Italian city hitting theaters on Feb. 21. While it all sounds dreary there's at least one thing to cheer about: Harington's abs. Where have those things been hiding during the past three seasons of GOT?


5. Bear Serenades by Erasure's Andy Bell

We may be enjoying an Erasure resurgence thanks to the band's holiday album, but we never expected to find Andy Bell headlining the International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs on Feb. 17. Hey, we're not complaining.