10 Things to Get Excited About in February

By: Stacy Lambe

6. Lunching with Elaine Stritch

Director Chiemi Karasawa reveals the fascinating and hilarious world of Elaine Stritch in a new documentary (Shoot Me) about the actress' life on and off stage. Brutally honest and always uncompromising, Stritch reminds us what we want to be like when we're 88 years old.


7. Saying Goodbye to Barbary Lane

After 40 years, Armistad Maupin is saying goodbye to Anna, Mary Ann, Mouse and all the other characters that populate Barbary Lane. With all the snow keeping us in this month, we'll gladly curl up with a copy of The Days of Anna Madrigal (Harper, Jan. 21) and stay warm by the fire.


8. Rocky on Broadway

Sylvester Stallone's now-classic boxing film is finally making its way to Broadway with previews starting Feb. 11. This tale adapted for the stage will blend the adrenaline of an underdog's courage with the romance of two lonely outsiders. It's Broadway for bros and dames.


9. Social Climbing with Vicky and Lysander

The only way is up when it comes to living in Manhattan and Vicky and Lysander are determined to make their way to the top. These two are back for another season of twisted and hilarious antics that made the first season a hit on Logo. New episodes premiere this month on the show's YouTube channel.


10. Playing Bette

In the world of drag, there's a divide between the young queens (the Beys and RiRis) and the old (Bettes and Chers). In The Tribute Artist, a new play by Charles Busch, Jimmy gets fired from a Vegas drag revue because his Bette Davis impression isn't as fresh as the younger girls and later assumes the identity of his dead landlady. It's Some Like It Hot meets Weekend at Bernie's all in drag and we can't wait to check it out between now and March 16.