Ever Wonder What Gaston, Prince Charming and Other Disney Men Look Like Naked?

By: Ross von Metzke

If you’re like us, you’ve at least given a passing thought to what some of Disney’s best-known princes might look like without clothes on.

Even if you’ve never given it a passing thought, get ready to see it anyway, because the folks at Jezebel.com have put a lot of time and thought into imagining what Gaston, Prince Charming and a bunch of other Disney men would look like naked.

With illustrations by Gawker staff illustrator Tara Jacoby, the Jezebel staff came up with graphic descriptions for each male specimen, including notes on “length, girth, tone, veins, pube sitch, etc.”

The result is NSFW and can be viewed here. We guarantee you will never be able to watch Beauty and the Beast with a straight face again.