Eye Candy: Model Soldier

By: Michael Matson

It’s common to see photos of male models wearing military gear in glossy magazines. What's less common is seeing men who have actually served tours of Iraq and Afghanistan walking Paris runways for Givenchy. But that’s exactly the case with Army medic Caesar Stovall.

Now serving in the reserves, Stovall was signed as a Givenchy exclusive shortly after being discovered this spring on a web site for aspiring models: a slightly surreal development considering Stovall was homeless for a brief period before enlisting four years ago. And now the 6’3” Louisiana-native is teaching his friends to drop the hard ”g” and “ch” when pronouncing the name of the brand that employs him.

Stovall's physical assets are obvious, but his true beauty stems from the brave service he provided for his country.

Photos: Idris + Tony