Eye Candy: Fire Men

By: Michael Matson

Each January, we go through the Eye Candy files to review dozens of sessions from the previous year that were never posted on the site. Some of the images have us wondering, Why were we drawn to these shots in the first place? Others get us a bit frustrated with ourselves for sitting on them for so long. The latter is the case with this stunning session by Christian Rios from last spring.

Titled “Fire Proof” (a play on the burnt contact sheet treatment applied to the images), the session highlights the aquiline beauty of Luke Armitage (left), Andrew Gray, Michael Mealor, and Austin Victoria while also capturing just enough of each models’ own fiery passion to infuse the photographs with an intriguing sense of drama.

The Los Angeles-based photographer is renowned for his breathtaking portraits of handsome young men that capture moments which have both cerebral and carnal appeal. Rios’ photographs are more like stills from movies you'd want to see, rather than just another batch of beefcake pinups. And it would have been criminal for us not to share this beautiful work with y'all.


Austin Victoria

Andrew Gray

Michael Mealor

Andrew Gray

Luke Armitage

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