Eye Candy: Put a Ringle on It

By: Michael Matson

Rick Day is the man who finally figured out how to shoot Zeb Ringle properly.

Ringle has been on our radar since he began modeling a few years ago, and the Arizona native has even been featured in a previous Eye Candy. Still, there always seemed to be something missing from the majority of his sessions—something we could never quite put our finger on. Sure, Ringle’s impossibly handsome, but it wasn’t until we saw this playful editorial Day shot for Dorian magazine that we were able to identify what was missing.

Prior to working with Day, Ringle was often presented as a brooding beauty, and he never looked truly comfortable in that role. When allowed the opportunity to be warm and goofy, Ringle shines at full wattage.

We tip our hat to Day and hope this session changes the direction of Ringle’s career.