Eye Candy: Orange Crush

By: Michael Matson

Photographer Rodolfo Martinez and fashion editor Alex Badia expertly capture the look and feel of 1980s style in this colorful Men's Week editorial.

Model Elia Cometti (left) channels the hot college jock of so many cheesy flicks released during the Reagan years. He seems unattainable, but secretly longs to break free of the pack and express himself as an individual.

Alex Badia (first photo below) comes across as the music nerd with a huge collection of 12" vinyl dance singles who's contemplating whether to major in drama or journalism. The two young men seem like they have nothing in common, but after being paired up for a project in an Economics class, they discover they have more in common than just their mutual love of Swatch watches and DayGlo colors.

The session now has us to hum songs by Duran Duran and The Go-Gos. It also got us thinking about the gay romantic dramady Edge of Seventeen, which is set in the '80s, too. So to complete this retro-gasm, we've included the film's trailer at the bottom of the post.

Go below for more photos and to view the trailer while we go off to practice our Molly Ringwald dance moves.