Hairy Hunk Marc Buckner Shows How to Charm the Camera

By: Julien Sauvalle

A male model's vital skill is his ability to seduce the camera. Scruffy hunk Marc Buckner was literally put to the test by his agency, M4 Models Management, and asked to display his best moves on video. The result? A masterclass in cuteness, and a minute-and-a-half of pure delight. Take notes, fellas!

Move 1: Start slow with a soft booty shake. Make eye contact.

Move 2: Game on! Remove T-shirt and belt with a subtle "pecs-flex"

Move 3: Follow with a manly shout

Move 4: Show your softer side. Imitate a little kitty.

Got it? Now practice over and over while watching the video below:

GIFs: Stacy Lambe at