Meet the New Face of, Armando Santos

12.13.2013 has a new face starring in an upcoming ad campaign (amazing photography by Exterface Studio) promoting their mobile dating apps for iOS and Android, Armando Santos. We sat down with the handsome Mr. Gay France of 2013 for an exclusive interview and found out why he's a great representative of the vaunted brand. You are the new, handsome face of this month. Are you a premium member of
Armando Santos: Of course ! I am very proud to be your new face and you can find me on with the username "Armandoparis"

Tell us about yourself Armando.
I am 27. I was born in Brussels and I am of Portuguese-Lebanese origin. I’ve lived in Portugal and Spain, but I’ve lived in Paris for many years now. I’m a Frenchmen and European in everything I do and represent. I’m perfectly at ease with my sexuality and appearance. 

Is it true that you are also Mr. Gay France 2013?
Indeed, I have represented France at the Mr Gay Europe / World 2013 competitions. It was the second time France was represented at both events and I felt very honored to stand for my country.  Mr Gay Europe took place in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic and it has been a life experience. I spent one week with incredible and talented Mr Gays from all over Europe. Everyone has his own story and each country is very different, so we had a lot to share and you can easily imagine the differences between the life of a gay man in Denmark and another in Bulgaria! And I was very honored to receive the public choice award! As for Mr Gay World, the competition was just the week after Mr Gay Europe and it was even bigger. It took place in Antwerp at the same time as the World OutGames, so Antwerp was like the LGBT capital city of the world for these days. With more delegates and even more countries represented, it has been another life experience I will never forget.

In America, we have, for example, the Miss America pageant which is quite famous. What is Mr. Gar Europe like?
The Mr Gay contests are very different from the Miss America contests. It is not only about the body, it is more about visibility and activism. The contests aims to find a spokesman for the LGBT community at the European level and even worldwide, in order to be a role model for the youngsters, fight against discriminations and promote gay and human rights. Therefore, the personality and activism of the delegates play a major role in their nomination. For example, some are volunteers for NGOs, managing a website, etc. Every delegate is different and has his own way to be active for equal rights. I am working to raise visiblity and support Le refuge, a national association whose mission is to help, support and provide transitional housing for youth and young adults who are victims of homophobia.

That is truly great. So, was there a talent component to Mr. Gay Europe ?
There are various component and indeed there is a talent show at the Mr Gay contests. As for me, I was singing and dancing. Other delegates were performing theater, dancing, singing, doing a humor show, etc. It was amazing to discover the different talents of the delegates. But there are also other component like the sport challenge, the personal interview, the community action, congeniality challenge, etc. And of course some shows on stage like the swimwear challenge, national costume challenge, etc.

For our readers, what advice do you have for having success with dating on the app?
MeeI would say to have the best success in dating on the great app, just be genuine and honest about yourself !

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