Woof in the New Year! Furry Hunks of Cub Camp's 2014 Calendar

By: Stacy Lambe

If there's any reason to go camping in the woods, it's to find the cubs of Toronto's furry scene.

Scooter McCreight, who created a party for dirty furry boys a few years ago, is now spreading the love to the U.S. with Cub Camp's second annual calendar. Unlike last year's calendar, which focused on the beards of Toronto, the new one features 12 of America's woofiest men.

Cub Camp was nice enough to provide an exclusive look at the misters of January, February, April and December as well as a few behind the scenes photos of the men hanging out in woods.

For anyone looking for a belated Christmas gift, you should grab a copy before they run out. As an added incentive, a portion of the calendar's proceeds will go to the Will Munro Fund for Queer & Trans Youth Living with Cancer.

Sample a few of the featured month-to-month hotties in the following pages.