WATCH: Andrew Christian Freeballs the World Cup

By: Les Fabian Brathwaite

The World Cup is in full swing. And speaking of things swinging, Andrew Christian opts to go sans jock in this latest ad, purportedly for its C-Ring brief.

Because who needs underwear that actually covers your privates?

Not these kids. The vid features some guys who have clearly never played a game of soccer in their life, including a champion pole dancer, a gay porn star, AC's usual stable of hairless underwear models and a whole lot of fake penii.

Seriously, who are we kidding here?:

I haven't seen this much fake junk since a repeat of Antiques Roadshow.

While — for the sake of truth in advertising — I hope that this C-Ring brief also comes with a strap-on, there's still enough man candy to go around:

At the end of the gay, it's really just an excuse to watch some hot dudes running around with their bulges bouncing around more than the soccer ball they're playing with — and really, isn't that what sports is all about?

Still, a cup is a good idea sometimes.