Wear White, Win a $500 Amex Card!

By: Rick Andreoli

Labor Day is a couple weeks away, which means white is still a winning wash for the season. So what would make that classically casual color even more wearable?
Scoring a $500 Amex gift card for wearing white!

OUT and Rembrandt—the teeth whitening folks, hence the color connection—are looking for your best summertime style. From pale pants to cream-colored cargo shorts, this cool color excels at helping you beat the heat, whether on the beach or in the sweltering city. So show off what you got! All you need to do is take a photo of yourself in some kind of casual, cool white-colored combination and submit it via the link below.

Seriously? This will take less time than drinking a crystal clear vodka martini. So invite some friends over, pour yourselves a couple cocktails, do a fashion show montage in the living room (like in Pretty Woman or Sex and the City) and submit. If you're chosen by the editors you'll get Rembrandt prize package and that $500 American Express Gift Certificate.

Here are some more pics to inspire.

Enter ASAP! (Oooh, look, more hot guys...)

Enter today! (With $500 you could get buy a new winter outfit!)

Enter now! The contest ends August 31st.