The Most Subversive Andrej Pejic Photos Yet?

By: Michael Matson

Supermodel Andrej Pejic has been pushing the gender envelope all year long, but this new session by Christos Karantzolas for Schön magazine may be his most subversive yet.

Looking opulently androgynous in full makeup and no shirt, Pejic resembles a Ken doll that had Barbie’s head attached atop of his powdered body by the inventiveness born of a child’s boredom. The end result is modern, glamorous and unnervingly sexy.

Previous shirtless sessions of Pejic in full makeup were more intriguing than arousing. But in Karantzolas’ photos, Pejic’s body looks sublimely sinewy and his face is to die for. The viewer may start to feel uncomfortable by his or her attraction to the gender mashup they see in front of them. And we think that’s a good thing.

Society imposes many gender-based rules of desire on us, so it’s healthy to question these edicts every so often: Why is body hair considered sexy on a man but not a woman? Both genders have it. Why is a woman wearing makeup considered more attractive than one who is not? And why aren’t men considered attractive in makeup, too? Why do women have to be a size 4 or smaller to be considered sexy while men need to pack on the muscle for culture they deem them doable? And if we find a physical trait or grooming practice desirable for one gender, isn’t it logical that it also should be desirable on the other?

This is one of the reasons we love Prejic: He forces us reexamine attraction on many levels, regardless of sexual orientation and gender. Through this process, we all might end up finding more common ground than we knew was there.