2(x)ist Military Tries to Play it Straight...

By: Joe Thompson

...but it's still TOTALLY gay.

We recently came across this new line of 2(x)ist underwear via ads on bus stops and in store displays all over Southern California. It's called 2(x)ist Military and comes in a variety of dark colors, from olive green and black to grey, white, and camouflage. According to the press notes, Military is "a line of men's underwear modeled after modern combat uniforms and body armor. Military features a series of bindings and accents that create strong lines to reinforce masculine features. Available in a variety of low-rise cuts, Military is made from a very breathable Pique-Fle(x) cotton."

That's cool. We love the military, and accents that reinforce masculine features, and breathable cotton with a name we're not quite sure how to pronounce. So after some digging around for more sexy photos with model André Ziehe (pictured here), we discovered this video advertisement for the underwear. And you know what? It's the gayest dang "straight" video we've ever seen.

Sure, there's a lady in the bed (face down, we're just sayin'...) but the camera is all about Andre. From water dripping down his sculpted body to an abtastic appearance in the bedroom doorway, this is clearly a video targeted to gays. Or guys who are gay-adjacent. Or those guys who have sex with guys but don't want to call themselves gay so they say they're straight. (Straight to the gay bar, if you ask me.)

Whatever. This isn't about them anyway. It's about this sexy fun video, so check it out and let us know what you think.