Nasty Pig Responds to Dominant Jeans "Controversy" on

By: Rick Andreoli

Last Sunday, ran a video for clothing line Nasty Pig's new Dominant Jeans. The article mentioned an online controversy brewing among fans concerning the commerical, and asked readers to watch the video and respond. Nasty Pig CEO David Lauterstein wrote the following in response.

When we launched our Dominant Jeans video last week, the reaction we heard personally from our customers was entirely positive. So we were surprised to learn from Joe Thompson’s post on that it had become “controversial.” We thank for the opportunity to comment on the “controversy."

We're really glad that our video got people talking - that's the point of any good advertising. We’re also glad that people are invested in our brand enough to pay such close attention to the videos we put out. We seriously appreciate everyone’s engagement.

As people have observed, we left the gender of the person on the other end of the line ambiguous. This was done on purpose, though not for the purpose of causing any controversy.

We’re pretty deeply involved with the gay community, here at Nasty Pig. We’re gay owned and operated (mostly). We’re activists involved with the Trevor Project and Live Out Loud. Our gay fans are our lifeblood and our inspiration. And as our video shows, we are very enthusiastic about hot men.

But we make clothes for men, regardless of orientation, and we don't discriminate. We don’t check anyone’s gay card at the door when they shop with us, and the people who buy Nasty Pig aren’t necessarily making sure that their rainbows are in order when they wear our gear out on the street. Our customers know who we are, and more important, they’re confident in who they are.

Our decision to not be explicit about who our model was texting in our video comes from the open-minded spirit and the self-confident attitude which are at the core of our brand. We hope the message is actually pretty simple: there are lots of people out there trying to tell everyone how to do things. We say, whoever you are, whatever you’re about: do you.