Bear Deodorant Protector from Old Spice

By: Joe Thompson

Old Spice was once the domain of grandfathers whose olfactory glands were so burned out they would pour on aftershave like it was a youth elixir. That all changed over the last couple years as the company (or, more precisely, a really good marketing team) reinvented the brand through a series of savvy commercials that were fun, campy, and interesting to a young audience. Their use of hot men and ironic humor also appealed to a gay male audience, men who at one time would never think of buying Old Spice.

Now the company is doing it again by selling a bear deodorant protector.

No, it's not a deodorant with a bunch of hairy, burly boys (sadly), but as being a "bear" was a term coined and popularized by the gay community it does make us pay attention. The video is set up like an infomercial featuring a handsome daddy bear host with an over-the-top personality; he also happens to play every man, woman and child in the audience. Put it all together and you've got another spot that will appeal to the gays and straights alike.

And yes, you can evidently buy the bear from the Old Spice store if you want it.