WANT: aussieBum's New PocketJockit Underwear

By: Joe Thompson

Is that a pocket in your underpants or are you just happy to see me?

Um, it's a pocket...

AussieBum, that creator of sexy undies for guys, has released a new line of briefs that have a pocket in the front pouch. They call it the PocketJockit. While most other companies place built-in rings to push your package out, the idea here (at least in theory) is to have a place in your pants for additional storage. What, we wondered, would you want to put there?

A dime bag? Video head cleaner in case you find a hot man with a VCR? "Allergy meds" (or, as they're called in some circles, X tablets)? A kitten?

Without much idea we studied the tongue-in-cheek video below, which shows men holding things like cell phones and fruit inside the pocket. Fun stuff, but not very realistic in our opinion. Now what would be fun is if you could reach all the way through the pocket and to the package underneath—you know, to say "Hello!" in Australian.

Regardless, the video make us instantly want a pair for ourselves. If you've tried them out and have answers to these burning questions, please do let us know.

For more info, visit aussieBum.com.