Calvin Klein's Boyfriend and Other Former Porn Stars Have a Ball by the Pool

By: Joe Thompson

We got a fun surprise when we logged onto this morning. They have a slide show loaded with super hot guys in skimpy swimsuits. It's entitled "New York's Finest" and offers the simple-yet-cheeky description, "We invited some of our favorite fellas to a very exclusive pool party."

We say "cheeky," because we quickly realized a bunch of them as former porn stars; don't judge us for being worldly.

To be clear, this isn't a "porn again" feature showing old porn stars who are now bartenders and still possess flawless bodies. The bunch also includes a hunky and sweet jewelry designer, a barber, and Lorenzo Martone, the one-time boyfriend of Marc Jacobs. So maybe this isn't about boys who have "been around." Maybe it's just featuring guys who happen to be "nearby" the action. All the time. Either way, check out the "now and then" shots below, then take a dip in the sexy deep end over on

The main focus is Nick Gruber, 22, who is listed as now being a personal trainer. He was once known as Aaron Skyline. In the far left photo above his sexy bod is covered by a Calvin Klein swimsuit, which is only ironic because Calvin Klein himself has allegedly covered that body on more than one occasion.

We'd recognize the above Dior Homme-covered bootie anywhere! Yes, that's Benjamin Martin, 28, formerly known as Blu Kennedy. He's currently listed as a pilot. Please fill in the blanks:

Benjamin Martin gave up showing his _ _ _ _ in adult movies to be a pilot and sit in a _ _ _ _pit.

Dror Barak, 37, was once known as Roman Ragazzi. He then went on to work with the Israeli consulate in New York, but they allegedly found out about his man-on-man sexcapades and he was let go. Now he's listed as a personal trainer.

These last two guys were never porn stars, but we love them and think they should be included here. The hunky stud on the left is David Mason, 36, the designer for fetishwear company Slick It Up—which, when you think about it, is porn-adjacent. We love SIU, their incredibly sexy-yet-silly photo and video shoots, and we're secretly sad we're not his friend. We even interviewed him once.

The guy on the right is Lorenzo Martone, 32, who most gays know as Marc Jacobs' ex, but he's listed here as a publicist and brand consultant. Not sure what the latter is, but any guy who can hook up with Marc Jacobs gets points. Plus, he can rock the most ridiculous hair. Respect!

Check out the entire shoot and all the models on