Kerry Degman: Better Undressed or Dressed Up?

By: Michael Matson

To be a successful male model, one needs a photogenic face, fit body, and the ability to look equally drop dead gorgeous in a Dolce & Gabbana suit or a pair of tighty whiteys. But some models, like Christopher Fawcett and Miguel Iglesias, tend to look best wearing as little as possible. Then there's Kerry Degman.

The Oregon native can sell couture like nobody's business, as these photos by Mike Ruiz for Hong Kong's Prestige magazine illustrate (left and below). But there is something uniquely sculptural about the naked Degman in Mariano Vivanco's recent session with the 23-year-old model (4th-8th photos below) that makes us wonder if he should ever put on clothes at all.

Check out the images by Ruiz and Vivanco (both Golden Iris-winning photographers) below and let us know which way you prefer Degman served up.