Gap Unveils Gay Boy Billboard

By: Joe Thompson

The almighty gay dollar showed its power once more when clothing giant Gap revealed a new billboard featuring two boys who are clearly into each other.

We found it on (which caught it via Towleroad who got it via Twitter and Chris Votaw @votaw), and the gay fashion site pointed out that this seems to be an increasing fad. The editors write, "J.Crew hit the trend early with an adorable boy duo last year, last week we caught wind of a boy-on-boy Ray-Ban ad, and just yesterday mentioned a JC Penney catalog that spotlights lesbian partners and their family—not to mention Mr. Kenneth Cole who has always shown love to the gays with his campaigns." The New York Times recently profiled Gap, Inc., which also owns higher-end Branana Republic and economically-minded Old Navy, noting that after after a stagnant period the brand is looking to recapture the sense of understated-cool, and thus become a part of the fashion market once more. As the Out post states, "While we realize that even the most earnest seeming, heartstring-tugging advertisements have some sort of profit-driven intent behind them, it's a testament to a company as ubiquitous as Gap to make such a public endorsement of support to the LGBTQ community."