How to Be as Cute as the Boys From Broadway's 'Newsies'

By: Brandon Voss

Even if you only saw their Tonys performance, you probably know that Newsies, the high-energy Disney musical based on the 1992 flop about paper-pushers during New York's 1899 newsboy strike, has the cutest whippersnappers on Broadway. Why wouldn't you want to look just like them?

In a new video, happens-to-be-gay actor-activist Andrew Keenan-Bolger, who plays "Crutchie," goes backstage of the hit show to share tips on how to seize the day of October 31 with the perfect Halloween Newsies newsboy costume. As modeled by members of the cast, it's all about work boots — the best way to show off your meaty dancer calves — layering a L.L. Bean catalogue look, fake facial dirt, and character-defining accessories like spectacles, a cigar, or a crutch.

You could probably pull together a passable Newsies look at a thrift store, but you might want to save time and head straight to the merch stand at the Nederlander Theatre or Disney's online Newsies gift shop for an official Newsies cap and satchel to hold your papes.

Check out Keenan-Bolger's cheeky instructional vid and also learn how to update the 1899 aesthetic into a hipster newsie or a Jersey Shore vampire newsie.