What Your Underwear Choice Says About You

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you wear boxers, you're indecisive. If you wear boxer briefs, you're narcissistic. And if you wear brief, you're high strung.

At least that's what the gents at the UK company Underwear Unlimited seem to think according to their highly un-scientific infographic about underwear styles and personalities.

We would have loved a psychological fashion consultant to really delve into the mental health of neurotic underwear enthusiasts. But the fact that they left out ass-less briefs, g-strings and going commando makes us view their "study" with a little skepticism.

And why are all the guys in the infographic white and brunette? Suddenly, we feel a little excluded.

It might be easier to make generalizations about guys who wear conservative high-end brands. But we wanna know about the freaks. What should we really think about guys who wear sequined man-thongs and briefs with padded crotches and butts?

Apart from thinking that they're crazy, that is.