WATCH: Even Jesse Tyler Ferguson Has Trouble Tying a Bow Tie

By: Brandon Voss

Jesse Tyler Ferguson adorably announced his engagement to attorney Justin Mikita back in September after first announcing their partnership with The Tie Bar to design a collection of unique bow ties benefitting LGBT civil rights organizations.

"Justin and I created Tie The Knot in the hopes that we soon see a day when millions of Americans across the country will have the basic civil right to marry the person they love," said Modern Family's resident redhead. "When people purchase our bow ties, they’re raising funds that will help support marriage equality, and they’re doing it while looking damn good."

Last week in West Hollywood, Ferguson and Mikita finally celebrated the launch of Tie the Knot's limited-edition 20-piece fall/winter 2012 neckwear collection, which is sold online exclusively by The Tie Bar. Human Rights Campaign has been chosen as the line's first beneficiary.

“This first collection has the aesthetic of throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks,” Ferguson told “Honestly, I’m absolutely new to this, so it’s trial and error with this first one. When we do our next collection, I’ll try and do something a little more cohesive with more of a through line — 'a story' as Tim Gunn would say.”

“The one common thread is that they’re all very loud and colorful with quirky patterns," added Mikita. "We don’t have any solids.“

“It’s just a fun way to spruce up an outfit,” Ferguson told People. “Men don’t get fun, exciting things to wear.”

But is it really all that fun, JTF? Watch below as the easily frustrated Ferguson struggles to tie his own knot in a very amusing new instructional video.