Cheyenne Jackson Hates Shopping But Loves Stealing His Husband's Clothes

By: Brandon Voss

His porny play The Performers may've closed prematurely on Broadway, but the gig still landed Cheyenne Jackson a stylish profile in the Nov./Dec. issue of Essential Homme.

Asked if fame has made him more conscious of what he wears in public, Cheyenne tells the men's fashion rag, "When I take my dog out at night I have to remember not to wear my old-man cut-off shorts or the shirt with nine holes that my husband begs me to throw away." OK, we're going to need full-color photos of that entire trashy ensemble!

Speaking of hubby Monte Lapka, Cheyenne thanks him for balancing out his shopping aversion: "I hate shopping. Nothing fits me off the runway and I can’t do sample sizes, so it’s a challenge. Luckily, I’m married to someone with a great eye for fashion. I don’t know where he got it, because he’s from Brainerd, Minnesota. We’re the same size, so when he buys something for himself, I’ll co-opt it. I love new clothes when they’re waiting at home, but who really wants to stand under horrible lights and try stuff on?"

Hmm... is the ability to share clothes yet another secret to a successful marriage?